Georgina, (Nina- when it's not so formal) is an Art director, Film Maker and Creative Content Producer who specialises in film, events and creative production predominantly for Fashion Brands, Beauty Brands, Publications and The Music Industry. However, her personal work often investigates political and cultural ideas reproduced in a creative context, such as her book; Salou: The Cultural Paradox, a documentary piece examining different social groups colliding within a specific geographic location. 

Her work is multi-disciplinary and has included Music Videos, Fashion Film, Installations, Window Displays, Fashion Editorials, Still Life Editorials, Theatre and Documentary. She has worked with brands to provide complete Campaign and Creative direction, overseeing from concept to completion. She is particularly interested in creating thought provoking, emotive pieces that strive to offer something outside of the current offerings, focussing on the aesthetic quality of every shot, prop and word. Striving to discover unseen locations for the camera and original props, her productions offer a taste of the imaginary.

"Georgina's creative concepts consistently question the current mode of doing things. She is an exemplary visual story-teller that goes above and beyond to seek an emotive response from her audience."

Nude Spoons Record Label


Master's Degree

Creative Direction For Fashion 

Bachelor's Degree

 Creative Arts